Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Beautiful Backyard

Matt has been working in between the rain storms to finish up the planter boxes in the top level of the back yard. He is finally done! Now we just need to fill them up with dirt and they will be all ready to grow flowers and delicious veggies next spring.

Once the deck is on the back of the house, we will be bringing that wall in closer and adding a couple more boxes (left hand side of the first photo below). Thank you Matt for making our back yard look so great!

I have been in charge of getting the grass to grow, and I think I have done a fabulous job! A few years of babying it and it should be thick and lovely.

Next year we will be doing the same thing to the second level of the backyard. Hunting season is here and our priorities shift from yard work to filling our freezer. The yard projects are never ending! Tomorrow I will take photos of the progress in the front yard.

The gap on the right is where the slide goes down. Matt is also finishing up work on a tire climb right beside it.

And a new photo of the boys for my mom:
**if you want your kids to smile for a photo, have them yell pee instead of cheese! Works like a charm!


christine Smith said...

Yard looks amazing! What a view you have!

Johanna said...

heheheheh.... "pee"....nice smiles! and the backyard is looking great! Can't wait to come and see you in Faro.

Roberta said...

Awesome, Kara. Just awesome! Your & Matt's hard work has really paid off. Give yourselves a high-five!

Fawn said...

I'm so impressed, even though I already knew it was going to be awesome. You are going to love all the fresh veggies!! We have to come back to Faro to visit - such a children's heaven.

Also, "pee"? AHAHAHAHA!!!