Tuesday, January 27, 2015

This Is Our Get Along Shirt

Today is one of those days when I truly understand why some animals eat their young.

Bedtime cannot come soon enough.

The kids are fighting non-stop with each other, Hunter got in trouble at school, Matt has been away for over a week, it is cold and my car won't start, and I am just tired as hell.  Oh, and I just broke a bowl from my brand new set.  Damn it. 

So it was either I completely lose my shit, or I make them entertain me.  Losing my shit is miserable, so I went for the latter option.

Here is the result:

Then they had to do chores and eat supper like that.  It was pretty entertaining for me.
Tidying up.

Putting away dog toys.

Reading together.


Unloading the dishwasher.
Then they also had to sit down and write apology notes to make up for some problems they caused today and they have lost some privileges.  They don't get off easy, but there was no point in me getting upset.

Now, any secrets to share on how to get brothers to actually get along?


Tara said...

Kara, you're amazing! The first line of this post made me spit my tea across the table!

And I have no secrets. I get all my tips from you.

Nita said...

Hahahaha! Priceless!

Anonymous said...

Once you figure out how to make them get along, please pass on the secret to all politicians and fanatics out there!

Trudie said...

No great ideas about how to get siblings to get along... I just remember a sign I put on the door to my room "Anyone below the height of 120 cm is not allowed in this room" The target of this was my 5-year younger brother...

Leanne said...

This is a fantastic idea...now I will just need to find a t-shirt large enough to fit my three kids!! I wish I knew the secret to getting kids to get along. One thing I have started doing is really encouraging them to do some activities on their own. It's hard because our three are always together!! I'm even considering asking the school to put the twins in different classrooms next year when they start grade one. Just like I need my space from them, I think my kids need space from each other too. I do love your shirt idea and will likely do this to the girls since they are at each other ALL THE TIME!

Sandykay11 said...
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Sherita said...

This is a great parenting technique. I’m definitely going to borrow it for my boys. From the pictures, it looks like it really worked, and probably gave you a good laugh as well, with them falling over each other and all. Any other unique parenting techniques you have up your sleeve? I would love to implement them.

Sherita @ Astute Promotions