Sunday, July 6, 2014

Another Garden Tour!

I got home yesterday after spending 10 nights camping with the boys (and even a few nights with Matthew- silly man- having to go to work).  Blogging has been pretty pathetic lately, but hey, summer is here and I am either camping or gardening.

Today's post is another garden tour!  You can look at the post before this one to see the unbelievable growth in the last three weeks.  Hurray for 24 hour daylight!

Almost all of my 18 strawberry plants have berries growing.

Tomato central!

The Long English cucumbers are growing the fastest out of all four varieties I am growing.


I am now dreaming of red tomatoes!

The butternut squash plants look like they will have blossoms on them this week.

The zucchini plants got so big I had to kick them out of the greenhouse.

Peas along back, potatoes along the centre, and beans in the front.  A bit squishy, but everything is doing well!

More of my beans, peas, and potatoes.

Beets are still pretty darn small, but my green onions are growing well.

The sad, sad, sad carrots.  I have no clue if these will produce anything this year!

These carrots look just fine though!

I am being overrun with the lettuce!  Time to start sharing.

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-N- said...

Wow, I am amazed at how well your containers are doing! Your tomatoes are so big! You'll have to let us know if they are any tougher than those grown directly in the ground, I used to container garden in Ottawa and things like tomatoes would be smaller, tougher and dryer than those grown in the ground. Yours look perfect though. Any idea why that one row of carrots is not doing well? Is there something in the soil there, or a light issue?