Monday, June 2, 2014

Yard Projects

My fantastic husband has been busy during May!  I always joke that he is an excellent nurse, but don't let him build anything since it will be mighty fugly in the end.  He has proven me wrong!

Matt built a greenhouse and a woodshed!  Both were made of a combination of purchased materials and scavenged ones.  I think my greenhouse is perfect and I have been happily playing in there every day.  The woodshed will hold about 4.5 cords of wood and is a million times better than have the wood covered in a noisy, flapping tarp.  We will still have to stack some wood outside of the shed, but most of what we need for the winter will be in there.

Thank you, Matthew!

My precious.

Filling the woodshed was not nearly as fun as watching Matt build it.

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